Aug 4, 2015

Falsehoods programmers believe about versions

given Jeff Atwoods recent blog post  and an inspiration today for me to write a "falsehoods" about versions. I've decided to put mine in a git repository.  If you'd like to contribute yours please feel free to send me a pull request, it'd be greatly appreciated.


  1. I don't know if #10 means this one or not:

    A project will use the same format version number from release to release.

    Point 10 could be read as meaning that, or as meaning: different parts of the same project will all have the same version number.

  2. I would say that's #10, could perhaps be better worded, #17 (line 18), matches the other. Rewording for clarity pull requests welcome.

  3. 21. Version numbers can be trivially compared.


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