May 22, 2008

Debian and OpenSSL blunder - goodbye debian?

I'm sure you've read about Debian's OpenSSL blunder. If not here's a recap on

I'm just wondering... is it possible that the pain will be so great for admins that the great stable debian will be discontinued from production server use? I would (but I don't use debian based systems for anything but livecds), seriously this is a hugely idiotic mistake the pain of which is only beginning. This may in fact be the biggest security blunder I have ever heard of in open source.

May 12, 2008

dvorak vs manufacturer's

The Dvorak Keyboard is supposedly better than the qwerty keyboard.

Theoritically all you have to do is change the keyboard layout in your OS and then pop the keys off your keyboard and re-arrange them (technically the second step isn't required but nicer). However all the keyboards I've seen attache the F and the J differently (they also have the home row bumps). Why do they attach them differently? why does it matter to them? is that really needed? I know it isn't anything functional. Do they really have an interest in keeping us from swithching?

May 6, 2008

can't reach for at least 4 hours

no it isn't my browser, no it isn't my computer, and no it isn't my network. It could be my isp's network I don't really know.

I can't contact google... tried mailing webmaster, but guess what.

Thank you for writing to Google. We'd like to assist you, but we only
respond to messages submitted through our online contact form. Please
visit to submit your message, and we'll get
back to you soon. We apologize for any inconvenience, and we look forward
to hearing from you.

The Google Team

that's great... guess what? I can't reach that url. I can't reach or

but gmail works, images. works, code. works, video doesn't, I can ping, I can telnet to on port 80. But the site doesn't load. I get weird errors. I'd love to talk to a support person and give them a chance to help. But I can't reach them.

here's my error message... (one of them){kEI:"3SEhSNfDBoj0ebezqYEI",kEXPI:"0",kHL:"en"};
true}; window.gbar={};(function(){var c=window.gbar,e,g,h;c.qs=function(a)
in j)

It's be great if google would get back to 'lil ol me faithful customer of 10 years.

EDIT: A friend has forwarded this message too them for me.

EDIT: and we're back, this has been ~5 hours of google shame. I never was contacted...

EDIT: Finally contacted

Thank you for your note. We appreciate your sending us a screenshot.
Clearing your browser's cache can resolve a number of problems you may be
experiencing while using Google or other sites on the web. Below you'll
find instructions for clearing your cache in Internet Explorer (IE) 6,
IE7, Mozilla Firefox 1.5 and earlier, and Mozilla Firefox 2.0: ...

I guess google doesn't Read what I say either, because I told them that I tried different browsers and different machines.

May 1, 2008

ext3 defaults update and grub breaks

GRUB vs. the Inodes: Who Needs a Bootable System, Anyway?

So apparently ext3 decided to bump the default inode size to 256 however grub 0.97 can't boot this and grub people aren't about to fix it because they are working on grub 2. Yeah that sounds about right... don't maintain your existing code base even though your next product isn't out yet.

Amarok is doing this too, it's quite annoying, and very poor develompment practice. Features are one thing but maintenance is another. You know what's bad? Grub 2 was in development 2 years ago if I remember right. Maybe I should add grub to Maintenance Required Since it's current maintainers don't want to fix system breaking bugs.

And shame on the extents devs for changing it in the first place....