Mar 31, 2008

Blogger needs better contact info

I have 4 Instant messenger addresses, and freenode (irc) hacked into my 'about me' why is it that blogger thinks one will be enough? maybe someday. But that day is not yet here. Blogger should allow for customizable profiles more like it does with our blogs.

wiped out svn

So I'm sitting at my computer running out of space on /var and I think ok I need to move my svn repositories to /srv which is on ext3 and part of /. so I go to move them there... it says file exits. I ls /srv/svn sure enough there they are. I've already moved them great rm -r /var/svn (gentoo doesn't enable -i by default) it deletes everything. I shortly realize that /srv/svn was a symlink to /var/svn. all my history gone. good thing I have a wonderful backup system (even though I didn't backup the repos just the files). Now I'm thinking about using git.

EDIT: Git for SVN users

Mar 28, 2008

How to disagree

I recently stumbled upon Paul Graham. He wrote this article on How to Disagree recently. All of his essays/articles are well written.

Mar 27, 2008

what's in my name (xenoterracide)

So 2 days in a row I've had developers discussing the root of my handle.

so here we go.

xeno is greek, normal definitions aside in science fiction it is often used when referring to alien life forms.

terra is latin, it means earth.

cide is english (with latin roots), means killer or killing.

loosely translated it meant to me 'alien earthling killer', but that was when I was 16. Now, it's just my handle and has no other meaning to me other than it's unique and a part of my history.

yes I'm aware that I mixed language roots, and I know some of you have a problem with that. To those that do, it's just a name, get a life.

Mar 26, 2008

ReGen2 Linux

I'm starting a blog for my thoughts on forking Gentoo Linux here

Mar 24, 2008

Unix Toolbox

Found this Unix Toolbox on Digg today. Most complete list of commands for Linux/BSD/UNIX that I've ever seen. I could only think of one missing off the top of my head. ionice.

Mar 21, 2008

USA's Secuity is at risk... from itself

Yes, yes, one again the USA has made a fool of itself. This time by sending emails out with a return address of ''. the guys blog is funny, look at all the corporate fools.

Mar 18, 2008


Just a thought... blogger should add a 'Favorite Videogames' to our profiles. I believe that videogames are similar enough to music/movies/books that they should get their own area. Or perhaps just games.

.doc quote

A proprietary undocumented text format as the de facto standard -- and that's what .doc is -- is a shame for all parties involved. It's like using a special patented ink that can only be read with special patented sun glasses. Who would want to use that for all their scientific, private and business documents? Probably nobody. Why they do so with computers is beyond me.
--Matthias Ettrich

Mar 12, 2008

Dawn of War: Soulstorm

To start I just got this game so I will be expanding this review throughout the next few days.

First the Bad.

The intro movie (to the game) feels more cartoony than the previous ones, I don't like the style. I don't feel that it is on par with Relic's previous movies. This is a trivial complaint and perhaps merely artistic preference.

There doesn't seem to be a race intro movie like there was in Dark Crusade. I really enjoyed these they made it feel more like freeform campaign than a large free for all. The campaign intro is there and very well put in setting the stage like there was in Dark crusade.

Interplanetary map navigation is clumsy (might not be the word I'm looking for). On my laptop at 800x600 resolution it is hard to tell sometimes what territory you are hovering over, and you can't zoom in on the planets first. you must select the territory and attack or zoom in (can't think of game term) on it, once there you can see the surrounding territories but not select them. The map is semi 3d it would be nice if it could be zoomed and navigated as if the planets were real. The close up planet maps are tacky looking too, they seem less high quality than Dark Crusade.

I have yet to find any maps with special objectives (and rewards, like Dark Crusade's Spaceport) outside of enemy strongholds. I don't believe they exist unfortunately.

The only maps with special objectives (outside annihilate and take and hold) are the enemy strongholds. And these maps are mostly accomplished with annihilate. I admit the take and hold maps are difficult, mostly because they require you to go on the offensive early as you can't allow your enemy to have control.

The enemy strongholds do contain somewhat of a story... however it is less than it was in Dark Crusade, as it seems one way. There was a dialog between attacking and defending races in Dark Crusade. Now there seems to be just the movie, and some occasional banter on the attacking side but I have yet to see it be between the opposing armies commanders.

I believe that the Dark Eldar may be over powered. They are giving my Space Marines a run for their money on easy, and this is after I stomped the Orks and Tau. They have managed to beat Chaos as well, I find this odd on easy.

The Deep Strike power for the Space Marines seems to be bugged. I only figured out how to use it on my assault of the Tau Stronghold and it hasn't worked since. The Ork Special power was very hard to find work and it's description should be more clear. It will add infantry units to your territories (I haven't determined how). But perhaps even more useful is that it will replace 1 infantry unit in your honor guard per turn. If there is only one to replace it, will replace that one, otherwise I think it may replace the cheapest first. The Tau special power is barely useful, it merely downgrades the territory you are attacking by one just before you commit to the attack. I highly doubt Chaos's power will be useful either I've yet to have anything attempt to cut my supply line...

Both the Dark Eldar and Sisters of Battle are interesting races to play, and you will enjoy them if you enjoyed races of the previous games. I found soul harvesting for the Dark Eldar confusing at first, however there is an upgrade the to the 'slave-torture chamber (?)' that will produce souls, have 2 of those upgraded and 2 harvester's a piece and I was set for any battle. The Sister's of Battle's Faith resource I still haven't fully figured out what generates it (I believe units) however I've never had a problem attaining it.

Air support has been added to the races, it seems like a hack they don't move like they should and don't seem overly useful, although they can hit fairly heavy and quickly. Without a full range air force (bombers, fighters, stealth, cruisers, etc), air strategy just isn't there.

To summarize, the new races in Soulstorm are a worthy addition, Air support is a bad hack, there's less plot, and movies, and the map interface is cludgy.

I give this game a C grade, because I believe the developers could have done better and chose not to.

Mar 9, 2008

10,000 B.C

First, I enjoyed this movie. I'd give it a B grade as far as movies go. However, it can't possibly survive it's own hype. The CGI in the movie is awesome. The story is so, so. Historically it's wildly inaccurate, but you should have known that from the trailer. I won't be buying this one, nore probably watching it again. However, I think it is worth seeing at least once, and probably on the big screen just for the graphics.

Mar 7, 2008

What Open Source Operating System's still need

I'm not going to mention things that are beyond the control of open source such as drivers and multimedia. These things are the fault of the corporations that control them.

The first thing I think these systems need is a unified password manager. Instead both gnome and kde have there own password storage system and so do a million other apps. I think OpenBSD should lead the pack on this one given there reputation for security. This would be for the storage of passwords use to access remote systems, on either the command line or gui. Of course the application designers would still probably want to build there own front end but hopefully we could be assured that the information was secure.

The second thing I've been thinking of is a FHS standard for home directory dot files. God I've come to hate dot files in recent months. I recently wanted to put my $HOME directory on version control. Including the dot files. Then I realized that many of them were really only temporary files that were session specific, or they contained binary data etc, etc, basically things I can't shouldn't or don't want to version. I can't possibly keep track of all the dot files I'd like them to be organized in sub dot files now. with config files in .etc, var like data in .var, and temporary data in .tmp etc.

EDIT: a bug has already been filed on the FHS standard and can be found here dot etc, the users private etc directory proposal