Feb 26, 2008

The Eye (movie)

imdb entry

I went to see this the other night. Because NCG was having problem's with Cloverfield... and we were already there.

I didn't find it scary at all. A little creepy. The blurry vision and screaming death shadows were just annoying.

I did think that it might be an interesting concept for a Mage Awakening in Mage the Awakening RPG. Not as is of course.

Anti-depressants no better than Placebo


Well apparently some research has been done, on non-published studies done, that shows for the most part anti-depressants aren't better than placebo's. Say it ain't so... the drug companies wouldn't not tell us if they knew that you could get the same effect without buying their drugs at $100 a bottle would they?

saw this article first on slashdot

Feb 22, 2008

I have an account?

Most people complain, "I don't know what my username and password for site x is". I don't have that problem, because I use the username xenoterracide almost everywhere, except for anal places that provide me with usernames, like my bank or school, or don't allow that many characters in the username.

My problem is I can't remember all the places I have an account.

I was looking at flickr last night, needed an account to look at something. So I went to sign in with my yahoo account. which is/was xeno_terra_cide, accidentally I typed in xenoterracide, because I'm so used to it. I discovered that xenoterracide had become available since the last time I checked (when I originally opened an account it was not). So I registered it. Then I went to flickr, it asked for a flicker username so I gave it xenoterracide, it yells at me, user exists. It didn't tell me that when I tried logging in before, it told me user didn't exist and the id was available. So then I get to go about, merging accounts. That was a bit tricky, although less so than when I merged, blogger, adsense, and google accounts.

This isn't the first time I've forgotten that I have an account someplace and won't be the last. Unfortunately I've yet to find a system for storing this. I wipe my computer and user account too often. Although that's getting rarer.

Feb 20, 2008

Participation Points

At Baker College they don't allow teachers to grade based on attendance. I'm sure this policy is common with most schools. So what do the teacher's do? they grade based on participation. This is crap as to be able to participate you must attend the class. What the teacher's are actually doing is re-labeling attendance points as participation. Because it doesn't matter whether you take part in a class conversation. All you have to do is show up.

I'm sorry but I feel this is wrong. I've had to miss one class twice due to bad weather. I refuse to drive what is normally a 45 Minute drive in white out conditions with a layer of snow on the road. My instructor is going to let me make up more than 1 quiz (the school only allows 1 normally) and I emailed my homework, but I'm still screwed out of attendance points, I mean 'participation' points.

Just so everyone knows, I'm going to a university in the fall.

Feb 15, 2008

Jumper (movie)

IMDB entry)

Saw this movie yesterday. It was Ok. It wasn't great, it wasn't horrible. I can't really say anything, good about it. But I can't say anything bad either. I enjoyed it, I won't be buying it, or seeing it again though.

Modern Bigotry - Black History Month

First off, I'm not racist, I'd like to think I'm not bigoted in any way.

But I'm tired of all these equality rants from blacks and females.

WE WERE SLAVES. So? so what? every race under the sun has had slaves and been enslaved at some point during the history of humans. Why are you special?

Why don't we have a white history month? A Jewish history month? A Latino history month? etc, etc. Seriously? why are blacks special? what makes them so abused that they get special recognition.

Today I saw an article in the LSJ (http://www.lsj.com/ will find specific link later) That talked about how hard blacks were getting hit by the mortgage crisis. I thought "oh and the rest of us aren't?".

You know what blacks and women are as about as equal as they are going to get. Don't believe me? look at the presidential race. Actually in some cases non-white males have additional advantages.

The only group right now that can really, really claim prejudice are the gays.

We need to stop things that promote people of gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation, and start promoting equality. We will never be equal as long as people say that we are not, and continue to promote that we are not equal and that they should have some advantage other than there own personal merit.